the ultimate food adventure
another escapade towards gastronomical full-fill-ment

foodie thoughts

i admit.  food is my ultimate weakness–whatever its kind or taste.  i just love eating.  food makes my world go round.

food trips are my passion and no food store, stall, resto, etc… is safe from my sight.  from the simplest appetizer to the most exotic dish, no food is gonna pass me by without going through my taste buds.  i do not limit myself to just eating the usual things people eat. i love to experiment and taste exotic dishes.

i think it is my kapampangan blood running through my veins that is making it difficult for me to hate food.  and since i am a proud kapampangan, i can say that aside from being an expert “eater” i can also cook a mean cuisine.

whether i like it or not, i need to know how to prepare and cook food.  it will be a shame to not know how to.  most especially since even the guys from both sides of my family can whip something good.  so if they can do it, the more i can!

for this blog, i will be accounting all my gastronomical escapades–whether they are restaurants, food stalls and kiosks, or just simply turo-turos.  join me as i embark on this great food misadventure!


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