the ultimate food adventure
another escapade towards gastronomical full-fill-ment

V-Day Chomp!

it’s valentine’s day. and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without eating out somewhere. we weren’t able to book a table at a restaurant so we just went to the mall and kinda check out the restos there.

our quest for food ended up at Gerry’s Grill – SM Pampanga. well, i actually didn’t want to eat here because i’ve been here many times before that i don’t know what to eat anymore. but then again, given the choice between this establishment and the fast food chains, i’ll just shut my mouth and wait for the menu.

so we decided to sit on the tables set outside the resto. it’s kinda stuffy inside because there were a lot of patrons eating. but even if our location isn’t air conditioned, it was better. part of the road was blocked and a stage was setup for the performance of an acoustic band. so while eating, we were serenaded with songs. if only the management of Gerry’s Grill thought of placing flower centerpieces and/or candles on the tables, the ambiance will become more romantic!

we ordered the usual inihaw na pusit, grilled blue marlin, bulalo, sugba kilaw, baked scallops and pinakbet.

the squid is yummy, as it is one of the house specialties. the blue marlin was fresh and it tasted sweet. the rest of the courses were also good although the bulalo was served the last. it was supposed to be served after the scallops since it was the soup. but then again, since it is V-day, the resto is like a zoo.

there were a lot of people waiting to be seated. in our case, it was like being placed inside the aquarium because people are actually watching you eat. it felt weird being watched. some were even throwing dagger looks at us so that we will be conscious enough to eat faster. we didn’t care, anyway! :b

to complete our dinner, we had the sansrival for dessert. i didn’t actually like it because it was like a biscuit and it shouldn’t be like that. and the butter is, hmm… i dunno how to describe it. it’s just that i don’t want its taste. i prefer another brand of sansrival (the ones that are locally made! Ocampo-Lansang, Leilen’s) which are better in taste and texture.

all in all, our bill totaled P1600++ (we were four, by the way) so roughly we spent around 400 each.

* i have nothing against fast food chains, in fact, i love them! i just didn’t want to eat there on V-day!


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