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An Inasal Food Trip

The inasal became sensational ever since ABS CBN’s teleserye Ysabella started.  Inasal stalls mushroomed around.  Even Pampanga was not spared from the fad.

Mang Inasal is one of the “inasalans” which opened in the province.  Since it was new, my dad and I decided to try it out. I can’t help but notice its decor. It was gloomy because the interior is dark.

We ordered chicken and pork inasal which is their specialty.  The pork is tender as is actually expected from barbecues.  The chicken is good as well.  Their garlic rice is okay but it doesn’t look appetizing.  It is clumpy and the dark coloring might be attributed to the oil used.

The resto is about 50% self service.  There are no menus available, just the tarpaulin bearing the names of the food they sell. No waiters will get your order. You have to personally approach the counter.  You have to get your own silverware.  Their waiters will only deliver the food ordered.  Anything extra, you have to get yourself.

The chicken and pork were kinda precooked because when they were delivered on our table, they were not really “hot off the grill.” I’m actually expecting them to be flaming hot since inasal is all about barbecue, right?

I guess they still need a few pointers regarding food preparation and presentation for they might not meet the high expectations of kapampangan taste buds even if their price is competitive (our bill only amounted to P269 which includes the chicken and pork inasal, garlic rice, iced tea, buko juice, sinigang).

Since Mang Inasal just opened recently, I do hope that their service will improve in the coming days.  I have to check it out again one of these days.

Mang Inasal is located at the Fiesta Strip of SM Pampanga.


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