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Truffettes de France

i so love chocolates. that is why i was super happy when my uncle who came from abroad brought me a kilo of Truffettes de France chocolate truffles. i was just surprised when i opened the box because itchocolate truffless content doesn’t in anyway look like the picture outside. i was expecting chocolate balls. what i saw is chocolate syrup (the truffles are not stable in places with higher temp, like here in the philippines)! i immediately chilled the “syrup” because i don’t actually want to eat the confection using a spoon! after around 5 to 10 minutes, i checked the chocolate and it was already hard (not super hard, just ok hard!). i just used a knife in order to cut the big block into smaller pieces.

the first bite was ohhh soo yummy! the combination of the bitter-sweet chocolate is heaven. it was really a melt-in-your-mouth experience. usually, chocolates don’t immediately melt. however, this one does! even holding a piece in your hand for a few seconds is messy. i felt like a child who played with his fave chocolate that it ended mostly on the hands and face. well, it was worth it anyway. i don’t mind being messy. ;o) what i also like about the truffettes is that it doesn’t have any bitter aftertaste that other dark chocolates have. Truffettes de France is now one of the best chocolate truffles i tasted!

generally, truffles are kinda like super-soft chocolate, dusted with cocoa powder or powdered sugar or rolled in chopped nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, and the like…. others, make use of candy sprinkles, cookie crumble, and actually anything that you wish to mix. since i am very fascinated (probably obsessed) with them, a friend gave her recipe of truffles for me to try and experiment. i had a blast creating truffles! it’s actually easy that even young kids can do the stuff.

what you only need is a block of chocolate (you can buy this on supermarkets and bakery stuff stores), all purpose cream, and whatever you like to mix. i prefer using belgian chocolates. they taste better. if not, the premium ones are ok.  if you can get your hands on the belgian callebaut, much better.

when you have the ingredients, all you have to do is melt the chocolate (not in direct heat please, but you can also make use of the microwave oven around 30 seconds, set high, depending on the amount) and then mix until it is liquefied. mix in a portion of the all purpose cream. i didn’t include any specific proportion because it can actually depend on you. if you want a softer and a creamier truffle, you increase the amount of the cream (but not too much). once the chocolate is to your liking, let it cool a little bit. once cool, you can scoop the chocolate using a little scooper or a teaspoon into balls and roll it to whatever you want to pair it with like nuts, chocolate powder, powdered sugar, rice crispies, cereals, dried fruits, etc. place them in small paper baking cups (like the ones used for macaroons) and cool them in the refrigerator.

one variation is, aside from rolling the truffle into nuts, you can actually mix the nuts in the confection. when i do this, i usually coat the balled truffles in melted chocolate (without the cream!) so that it will have a hard shell.

so there, a simple chocolate recipe to soothe a chocolate craving!


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