the ultimate food adventure
another escapade towards gastronomical full-fill-ment

kraving for krispy kreme…

i can’t get enough doughnuts. especially since Krispy Kreme is already in the philippines.  i can almost finish a box (of 6) at any given time. i love the smooth blending of its flavors.  i really like their new york cheesecake, chocolate iced kreme-filled, glazed sour cream, glazed cruller and karamel creme crunch.  even their fruity varieties are yummy. also, their hershey’s collection is amazing as well.

i went with some friends to the mall of asia a week ago or so to check out the science disckrispykremeovery center (we joined a school’s field trip!).  since there was still time before the scheduled entrance to the SDC, i tried to look for the krispy kreme outlet.  my friends who were with me were asking what’s the fuss with krispy kreme. i can’t actually give them a reason aside from “try nio, masarap, promise!” when we arrived at the outlet, there was no line. we were happy not to wait so long. there were only around 3 peeps drinking coffee and eating doughnuts.  my friends can’t decide what flavor they would pick, and i ended up picking the flavors for them. since they were unsure if they would like the doughnuts, they only bought half-dozen each (these doughnuts are expensive!).  since i know that i love them, i bought a dozen of my favorites!

what was left - a lil bit of the flavorswhile travelling homewards, i didn’t peek at my boxes. i don’t want to be tempted and eat. upon arriving home, i started to eat. after finishing 2 goodies, my dad saw me and ate with me. we actually more or less finished the dozen dougnuts in one attempt. what was left are four battered flavors.

the next day, i woke up mad. i was left with only a half of the cookies and cream flavor. and so i sent my mom a message (she went to moa! yippie!) and asked her to buy me another dozen. she ranted that i just bought the day before… yada yada yada… but in the end, she took pity at me and brought a dozen home!

right now, i’m still hungry for krispy kreme. i can’t wait for my next metro manila trip so that i can have my doughnut fix! well, i just hope they open a branch here in pampanga… [paging the krispy kreme franchise…] :p


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