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Ice Blasts: Kabigting’s

now that the scent of summer is slowly (or fast?) surrounding us, one might want to drive to pampanga and cool down body heat by indulging in one of its many “ice-cool” spots or halo-halo havens.

here in pampanga, there’s been an on-going battle of which halo-halo is the best. but basically, these halo-halo havens have their own distinctions. for this post, kabigting’s halo-halo will be on center stage. (other halo-halo havens will follow, promise! :p)

i just remembered… when i was still in high school, my classmates and i would go to one of our classmate’s house in arayat. there we would go to arayat park to swim at the foot of the mountain.  our arayat escapade would not be complete if we don’t eat halo-halo at kabigting’s or jurado’s. my high school days are such fond memories… my classmates, such great company!

Kabigting's @ Robinsons Starmills

kabigting’s halo-halo originated in the town of arayat some decades ago.  one might ask what makes kabigting’s different from the others. i say, it’s the pastillas that they include in their concoction.  basically, it consist of mashed sweet beans and corn, loaded with ice and fresh milk, and topped with their special pastillas. minimalist in terms of its ingredients, but the taste is superb. one might notice the “whiteness” of kabigting’s halo-halo. it’s actually attributed to the milk they use. so if you’re fond of eating pastillas, this is your kind of halo-halo!

isang tagay ng halo-halo
 if you think travelling to arayat is too far, you can check out kabigting’s halo-halo in robinsons starmills at the city of san fernando (2nd floor, food court)

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