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Ice Blasts: Kabigting’s

March 2, 2008

now that the scent of summer is slowly (or fast?) surrounding us, one might want to drive to pampanga and cool down body heat by indulging in one of its many “ice-cool” spots or halo-halo havens. here in pampanga, there’s been an on-going battle of which halo-halo is the best. but basically, these halo-halo havens […]

kraving for krispy kreme…

February 28, 2008

i can’t get enough doughnuts. especially since Krispy Kreme is already in the philippines.  i can almost finish a box (of 6) at any given time. i love the smooth blending of its flavors.  i really like their new york cheesecake, chocolate iced kreme-filled, glazed sour cream, glazed cruller and karamel creme crunch.  even their fruity varieties […]

Truffettes de France

February 26, 2008

i so love chocolates. that is why i was super happy when my uncle who came from abroad brought me a kilo of Truffettes de France chocolate truffles. i was just surprised when i opened the box because its content doesn’t in anyway look like the picture outside. i was expecting chocolate balls. what i saw […]